DPR™ dramatically enhances performance of wireless networks and improves user experiences on mobile devices.

Why Does Packet Loss Matter?

At the heart of Internet communications is something called TCP/IP. TCP/IP breaks data up into “packets” to more efficiently distribute it across a network. This standard was developed over forty years ago, providing a stable environment forwired networks with extremely low packet loss rates. Today, more and more people are using mobile devices to surf the Web, and unfortunately, TCP/IP is far less reliable over wireless networks.

When packets go missing, things slow way down!

How Does Packet Loss Impact Performance?

Whether you are trying to stream a movie or download a song to a wireless device, even the smallest packet loss will dramatically affect the speed and quality of the result. The worst part about packet loss is that it doesn’t take much to cause a huge drop in performance. As little as 1% packet loss can make a video unwatchable!

  • Typical packet loss rates of 1-5% result in massive speed drops (50-90%)
  • Just 3% packet loss results in almost 80% speed reduction
  • Billions of dollars in invested cost unavailable!

All kinds of things contribute to packet loss. Ever wonder why it’s so hard to stream a video in a coffee shop or an airport? Here are some examples of packet loss rates by location:

TCP/IP Performance on Wireless Networks

On wired networks, TCP/IP communications have the benefit of extremely low packet loss rates. But this is not the case in wireless networks.

We illustrate this issue through the analogy of a robust water main that is connected to a leaky pipe. When data packets are passed along to the wireless network, it “leaks” data, and packets are lost.

Any number of factors can interfere with wireless communications, such as other devices, microwaves, and physical structures. This interference is often beyond the control of the network carrier or the Wi-Fi provider.

DPR- Dynamic Packet Recovery

At the core of everything Q Factor does is our proprietary DPR technology that dramatically enhances the performance of Internet traffic in wireless environments and improves user experience over mobile devices. DPR™ does three critical things:

  • Recovers lost packets
  • Maintains high transmission rates
  • Minimizes network congestion

DPR™ finds all those missing packets dynamically with no need for retransmission, ensuring that all of the data necessary for any user interaction is there when it is needed and helping improve network throughput. There is no more waiting around while watching that dreaded spinning wheel. Not when your application has been “QFactored.”

Software-Only Solution

Q Factor’s proprietary software technology enables mobile applications to enjoy a new level of speed and reliability. The software knows what was sent and what is supposed to be received. If something is missing, it is replaced.

The wireless Internet is not just about new infrastructure and new spectrum, but better usage of the resources currently available. Q Factor is enabling the vision of the future for mobile Internet as a high-performance, high-quality, video-centric community. The software dramatically improves the wireless experience and enables companies to unleash applications and new services to improve both their business and the experience of their users.

No physical changes to devices, servers, or networks are required to take advantage of the software. The solution is totally software-based. If you are interested in increasing the speed and reliability of your wireless network (3G, 4G, LTE, or Wi-Fi) take a moment to learn more about Q Factor’s revolutionary software.